Atlas Decagon Dining Table Brown Vein


The Atlas Decagon Dining Table in brown vein boasts a clean and edgy design with a solid marble base, adding a statement touch of luxury to any space. Drawing inspiration from ancient architecture, its ten-sided pedestal and refined top edge create a stunning and sophisticated dining experience. Combining the durability of a matte resin sealer with the elegance of natural marble, this sculptural masterpiece is perfect for both breakfast and entranceway tables, offering a contemporary and timeless appeal.

Crafted from luxurious matt brown vein marble and finished with a smooth matt resin coating, this piece exudes sophistication and exclusivity.

w1200 x d1200 x 750mm, height to underside of top 720mm, top overhang 375mm, thickness of top 30mm, diameter of base 450mm, base height 720mm

Furniture may take up to seven weeks to deliver if not in stock.

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