Rustic Deco Display Unit


Constructed from sustainably certified reclaimed materials, the rustic deco buffet pays homage to the pioneering era when railway tracks were first being laid, uniting sturdy metal rails with robust timber sleepers.

Sourced from reclaimed packing crates, pallets, and dismantled buildings, this rustic deco bench is crafted from carefully sorted and kiln-dried wood including larch, pine, fir, and various semi-hardwoods. Each nail and sign of debris is meticulously removed by hand before being assembled and finely sanded. Through the use of off-cut timber as fuel, strict moisture control guarantees the wood will not warp or split. Leather handles and a powdercoated metal frame add to the unique character of this expertly crafted bench.

w900 x d375 x h1700mm

Furniture may take up to seven weeks to deliver if not in stock.


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