new build interior design consultation


firstly, congratulations on your new venture. at some point in the future you will be sitting in your new home marvelling at the time when your home was just a drawing on a page, but before you do, we have a lot of decisions to make.

building a new home can sometimes be a very daunting task. not knowing where to start, too many shades of white to chose from, where to place your furniture and in fact what furniture you need to purchase. decisions, decisions, decisions. let us be your sounding board and guide. 

in our initial consultation, we will sit with you and your plans and discuss how you envisage your spaces. from there we will create mood boards for you and help you with the sourcing of materials. 

from paint colour, flooring, tiles, wall coverings, window dressings and lighting, the design library can advise on every aspect of your dream home.

book and pay on our website and we will be in contact to arrange a time that suits. 

*currently only available throughout the wairarapa and manawatu. price is per room.

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