george+edi large candles


made in wanaka, george+edi candles are beautiful in their simplicity and with fragrances that will last and bring a little luxury to your every day.

these candles are not mass-produced, they are hand pour to order so the candles are fresh and only natural soy wax and cotton lead free wicks are used.  george+edi pour in small batches and before the wax sets, straighten each wick by hand.  the candles are then labelled and wrapped in signature book paper wrapping.

french pear - our much loved rich and intoxicating scent of ripened pears with lashings of ginger - a G&E classic scent that welcomes you to the family.

grapefruit + mint - freshness and sweetness combined with this blend of grapefruit, peppermint and white thyme - loved all year round by it's adoring fans

havana - our more masculine scent with its dark sexy notes of nutmeg, patchouli and wafts of smokey tobacco - its almost dangerous and we can't get enough of it at G&E!

vanilla & anise - it's only fair to warn you that this is a highly addictive scent with it's blend of white florals, star anise, clove and a base of vetiver to ensure it doesn't get too sweet - you will be back for me we promise

black orchida dark moody floral blended with notes of black currant and sandal wood that will add an element of intrique to any day

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